- a web3 investment fund.

the best
way to
own the

is to build it.

the best way
to own the
to build it.

investment thesis:

We are deep believers that magic happens when human ingenuity meets power of software. We are in the middle of a paradigm shift, with web3 companies disrupting a number of legacy players. Some of the most unbelievable talent on the planet is building things that will shape the years to come – and block54 is here to help.

We invest in ambitious projects looking to make history. We invest across geographies and timezones. What matters to us is the value of the idea and the dedication to making it a reality.

We partner with visionary founders at the earliest possible stages. Ticket size $100k-$1M.

our investments:
Aleph Zero
our investments:

We are a hands-on, boutique fund. We do not and will not invest in hundreds of companies, our approach has always been finding the true visionairies and supporting them along the way, from the very start to unicorn status.

We are here if you need:

  • - Marketing and comms: founders are serial entrepreneurs, created companies across different verticals (social media, gaming marketing, influencers, gen z marketing). Built and exited 200+ people businesses. Worked for the world’s biggest brands. Deep operating knowledge of the marketing industry.

  • - In-depth technical expertise: world-class white hackers and full stack blockchain devs ready to dive in and help.

  • - Gaming connections - years of working experience with the industry’s top names. Happy to leverage our network and experience.

  • - Scaling up and startup management. Raising is one thing, putting it to good use quite another. We have a proven track record in business consultancy and will happily guide projects through their operational challenges. - a web3 investment fund.
- a web3 investment fund.